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How It Works

Create a Page for Each of Your Custom GPT

Gapier Page automatically crafts a stunning page for your publicly accessible GPTs. It's perfect for showcasing and sharing with your users, as well as for SEO purposes.

Additionally, this GPT page will include your other GPT apps and social media information, helping to guide users to explore more of your products or become your followers.

Picture of the Gapier GPTs Page

Generate a Unique Site and Link

Gapier Page assists in creating a collection of your GPTs, displaying creator's details, social media, and more.

It generates a unique link, like subdomain.gapier.net, which can be used for domain verification with ChatGPT GPTs. Your fans can also navigate between your social media and GPT apps using this link.

Picture of the Gapier GPTs Page


1. Is there a fee to use Gapier Page?

Gapier Page's basic features are permanently free. Advanced paid plans have not yet been launched.

2. What content can I display on my Gapier Page?

You can showcase your creator information, social media details, and GPTs information created in ChatGPT.

3. How can I link my social media accounts to Gapier Page?

After registering for a Gapier Page account, you can add your social media accounts in the backend. We currently support Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Medium, GitHub, and LinkedIn.

4. Can Gapier Page display custom GPTs?

Absolutely. The display of other custom AI applications is also in the pipeline.

5. How do I verify my custom GPT's domain through Gapier Page?

Gapier Page allows you to create a subdomain in the format of subdomain.gapier.net. For ChatGPT verification, add a DNS record, which you can fill in the Gapier Page backend to complete the binding.

6. Can I personalize my Gapier Page?

We will introduce customization options with our paid plans.

7. Will my Gapier Page be indexed by Google?

We've optimized for SEO and are search-engine friendly, but Google indexing depends on Google's policies.

8. How do I contact Gapier Page's technical support if I encounter issues?

You can find our contact information here: contact