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IntroductionCase By Gapier

Custom GPTs become unique because of the of Actions.

Gapier is a powerful collection of Actions, providing more and more Actions. You only need to complete the integration in one minute to obtain dozens of capabilities at one time. With the help of Gapier, this is the future of self-built AI applications.

This page will show you the Custom GPTs created by Gapier.

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Gapier official

Free Actions specifically designed for Custom GPT Creators

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Picture of the Gapier GPT 创建助手

Gapier GPT 创建助手

这个GPT应用演示了如何借助Gapier来创建更加强大的GPT应用。Gapier( )包含了几十个免费的能力,可以被GPTs轻易的集成进来。


Picture of the Read Paper

Read Paper

Read arXiv papers using GPT, and feel free to utilize mind maps and other 5 tools to assist in the process.


Picture of the Book Recommendation Poster Maker

Book Recommendation Poster Maker

Enter a keyword for a book recommendations and a social media-ready poster.


Picture of the 轻松阅读(Light reading)

轻松阅读(Light reading)



Picture of the 图文混排海报制作助手 - Text-Image Poster Creator

图文混排海报制作助手 - Text-Image Poster Creator

帮你制作图文混排的海报. Sponsor:小红书“ ItsJoe就出行 ”

By Weiqiao Zhu